Nothing Is Certain but Death, Taxes and Diddy Changing His Name—Again

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Sean “Diddy” Combs is a man of many businesses, children and aliases.

From his humble Mount Vernon, N.Y., beginnings as “Puffy,” to his ascension into the music mogul “Puff Daddy,” to his 2001 transformation into “P. Diddy,” to eventually settling on “Diddy” in 2005—we’ll omit his brief flirtation with “Brother Love”—the Combs Enterprises chairman and CEO has run almost the entire gamut of peculiar nicknames and rap monikers.


But today is a new day, and clearly unsatisfied with the name his momma gave him, Combs has once again made a change. Only this time, instead of creating another alias, he’s filed a petition to revise his legal name.

Just in time for the Revolt Summit kicking off this weekend in Los Angles, TMZ reports that Sean John Combs is now Sean Love Combs.

(I mean, I’m more of a wave brush guy, but I suppose I love combs, too.)

If anything, it sounds like a bit of a callback to that dreadful “Brother Love” phase in 2017 that we’ve all tried to forget about.

But I guess if he likes it, we’ll just have to roll with it. Though as our brilliant staff writer, Anne Branigin, so eloquently stated in putting yet another name change in proper context: “A Scorpio man at the beginning of Scorpio season.”

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