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An Irvington, N.J., police captain is under arrest on charges she reportedly stalked and assaulted a Newark, N.J., city councilman.

On Monday afternoon Monique Smith, 43, attended a ceremony promoting her to police captain. Later that evening she attended an event at a club in Irvington to celebrate that promotion, according to authorities who spoke with ABC 7.


Police claim that around 11 p.m., Newark Councilman John James was nearing his home when Smith confronted him. Police told the news station that Smith was irate, yelling at James, who drove off. Smith reportedly got into her car and followed James and began ramming his car with hers. James detoured his route, driving to his parents' home, "where his father, ex-Mayor Sharpe James, intervened on his son's behalf," the news station reports.  

Police officials note that Smith was not on the scene once they arrived, but was later arrested and charged with several domestic violence charges, including stalking, harassment, possession of a weapon, possession of that weapon for an unlawful purpose and aggravated assault, according to ABC 7.


The news station notes that Smith has been suspended without pay and that she could face additional charges once an investigation is complete.

Read more at ABC 7.

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