New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is setting the record straight once again, after some media outlets suggested that the embattled Republican knew about the George Washington Bridge lane closings, Mediate reports.

In an interview Monday night with New Jersey 101.5, Christie pointed out that not only did he not know about the scandal prior to it being made public, but also that no one has ever accused him of knowing about it.


"The most important issue is, did I know anything about the plan to close these lanes?" Christie asked. "And the answer is still the same: it’s unequivocally no. And, in fact, no one’s ever accused me of that."

Christie said that traffic—which is always present in New Jersey along the bridges and the Lincoln tunnel—doesn’t usually rise to being a matter of gubernatorial concern.

"I know, prior to that, that there were press accounts about traffic issues up there," Christie added. But, he said, even if it were brought to his attention, "it wouldn’t have been meaningful to me. Because, I didn’t know that there was any problem up there, you know, because I didn’t know that we had actually closed lanes up there before that."

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