Nicki Minaj Has Found the Perfect Role: An Angry Bird

Nicki Minaj performs on stage during the MTV EMAs 2018 on November 4, 2018 in Bilbao, Spain.
Nicki Minaj performs on stage during the MTV EMAs 2018 on November 4, 2018 in Bilbao, Spain.
Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images for MTV)

When art imitates life: Nicki Minaj may be voicing an Angry Bird!

According to Variety, Nicki has been cast in The Angry Birds Movie 2, the sequel to the film about the popular smartphone/tablet game.


The character Nicki will be portraying isn’t clear, but it has to be a bird, right? Specifically, a miffed member of plummage?

How is Nicki Minaj a bird? Oh, let me count the ways. There’s the time she shamed women for owning their sexuality despite profiting from that very image. How about the time she compared herself to Harriet Tubman? Or when she hopped in a woman’s DMs with a salty dissertation simply because she wrote a mild critique about her? There was also that little incident at the Harper’s Bazaar afterparty—no big deal.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the most recent offense: dating a known sex offender. But “bird” would be light work in terms of labels for this instance. More like “rape apologist.”

And that was just this year.

In the video game, the player catapults a group of Angry Birds onto a structure where a bunch of evil pigs are hiding. The aim of the game is to knock down the structure in as few tries as possible in order to eliminate the pigs. There are different breeds of Angry Birds and each one holds a different power or strength.


Nicki’s version of an Angry Bird would have the loudest squawk and the pigs would represent every other female rapper in the game who dared to take up space in the hip-hop industry. She’ll be accompanied by an assembly of rabid hatchlings she refers to as, “Barbirdz.” The Barbirdz will back her up with absurd insults and threats to infinity and beyond. They’ll never let up. The game will never end.


Nicki will be joining confirmed castmembers Leslie Jones, Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Bloom, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Awkwafina and Zach Woods.


The Angry Birds Movie 2 will flock into theaters on August 16, 2019, the 10th anniversary of the video game’s debut.

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