This one was just rich.


She previously stated after the incident that she doesn’t want the buzz around Sistah Space to be focused on the royal palace incident but moreso on the operations of the organization. She even denounced the “old jokes” made toward Hussey and her comments, encouraging people to not be ageist.

Though, in a statement, she said social media users have gotten hasty toward her - further proving that Black people deal with situations like this often.


“I have experienced first-hand what happens when a Black woman faces adversity and has to overcome additional barriers when trying to report it,” she said.

Read more of Fulani’s response from The Independent:

The incident sparked outrage and intense media commentary around the world with some attacks aimed at Ms Fulani, who runs a domestic abuse charity geared at helping Black women.

In a statement issued through Mediazoo, a public relations agency, Ms Fulani said: “What took place at the event is now well-documented, and sadly is something that occurs on an all too regular basis.

The last week has been an extremely difficult time for Ms Fulani and the Sistah Space team, the statement continued.

“My team, family and I have been put under immense pressure and received some horrific abuse via social media. Yet throughout this time I have been heartened by the huge amount of support we have received. I want to thank everyone for that, and it has shown me that love will always triumph over hate.”