NFL Coach Caught Urinating on Sideline During Game

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Ben Kotwica, special teams coordinator for Washington, D.C.’s pro football team, was caught Oct. 23, 2016, relieving himself on the sideline during a game.
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Is coaches peeing on the NFL sideline a thing? On Sunday, Ben Kotwica, special-teams coordinator for Washington, D.C.'s pro football team, was caught relieving himself on the sideline during the game versus the Detroit Lions.

According to TMZ Sports, Kotwica tried to sneak over to near a trash can to urinate inside a Gatorade cup during the third quarter of the game. The problem, besides a coach peeing on the sideline during the middle of a game, is that said coach wasn't smart enough to hide behind something while peeing and all of this went down in front of Lions fans!


TMZ Sports notes that the person who snapped a photo of Kotwica in the act was a mom at the game with her two kids. And, according to people who were there and spoke with the news outlet, Kotwica wasn't the only coach to pee on the sideline during the game.

A source close to the D.C. professional football team told TMZ Sports that sideline pee breaks happen "all the time" and that players and coaches try to be discreet.

Kotwica won't face any disciplinary actions with the team, but he might want to do a better job of covering up, TMZ Sports reports.

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