NEWS STAND:Obama-GOP Face Off, Troops to Mexican Border, Kelis and Nas No More.. and more.


Audacious, Duplicitous and Partisan: Obama gets smashed by GOP Senators

Earth to President Obama: please stop playing yourself by trying to work with people that do not want to work with you. We were a little perplexed when we learned that President Obama was hosting a luncheon for GOP senators to try and bridge the huge divide that exists. A luncheon? Yeah, that was going to work. Imagine our lack of surprise when we read that Obama was greeted with venom including being called duplicitous, audacious and partisan. Some folks obviously haven’t gotten the memo that bipartisanship means a meeting of the minds, not a meeting of the mindless, which this obviously turned out to be.

Bowing To GOP Pressure: Obama sending 1200 troops to the Mexican Border

Bowing to pressure from folks that called him duplicitous and audacious to his face, President Obama will be sending 1200 troops to the Mexican Border in order to stop drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Of course Arizona Governor Jan “Dr. No” Brewer is calling it a victory for his anti-immigration legislation. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Supposedly this is an olive branch from President Obama to the Republicans because he wants their support for his plan for immigration overhaul. We say to that, “Not bloody likely!” Congress people who support folks that pray for your demise and call you thin-skinned, probably won’t be supporting your legislation.

Black Tar: Deadly, Ultra-Potent Heroin Arrives in US from Mexico

Speaking of drug-trafficking, folks are up in arms over “Black Tar,” the deadliest form of pure heroin to hit the streets. Mexican drug smugglers are pushing this form of ultra-potent heroin that sells for as little as $10 a bag and is so pure it can kill users instantly. According to a study by the Associated Press, “black tar” is contributing to a surge in overdose numbers in this country. This isn’t the first that we’ve heard of this drug, but we’re all for keeping it out of the country. For some unknown reason, illegal drugs, especially toxic ones, somehow find their way into our communities. Perhaps sending troops to the border isn’t such a bad idea after all.

WTF FILE: Toledo teen stabs mother in cheeseburger fight

Clearly this boy needs Dr. Phil and a prayer circle. Stabbing your mother with a butcher knife because she didn’t bring you a cheeseburger? Generally those that are 6’2 and 300 pounds can manage to feed themselves, which includes buying oneself a cheeseburger. To be salty because Mom didn’t bring you a cheeseburger at 1 a.m. takes a whole lotta nerve. To stab her because of it is sheer lunacy. This dude is so big and bad that he fled the scene afterward. Aaron Dean has been charged with felonious assault. He should also be charged for impersonating a decent human being.

Dumb and Dumber: Teacher allows students to reenact ‘KKK' in class

We hope that tightening up requirements for teachers in the United States is on the agenda of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. In a Lumpkin County High School, a teacher has been suspended for allowing her students to reenact the Ku Klux Klan and then having them march through the cafeteria. Yes, you read right and no you’re not losing your mind. Obviously Catherine Ariemma, who has been suspended with pay, has lost hers. Thinking that this was a good thing to do and saying that she stands by what she did is frightening. We’re getting more and more comfortable with sheer idiocy in education. Arizona is getting rid of ethnic studies, Texas is rewriting history and now this. Still shaking our heads and still wondering what Arne Duncan is up to.

Milkshake No More: Singer Kelis and Rapper Nas Finalize Divorce in Los Angeles

It’s officially over. The milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard, including rapper Nas, won’t be shaking it for him anymore. Rapper Nas (government name Nasir Jones) and R&B singer Kelis have finalized their divorce. According to court documents, Nas has been ordered to pay $51,000 a month in child support and alimony. We’re all for taking care of your child, but $51,000 per month? We don’t know what Kelis is working with or maybe she’s just bossy, but that sounds a bit absurd to us. Clearly, we’re in the wrong profession.