NEWS STAND: Libya Crash Survivor, Gulf Pollution, Maxwell and Jill Scott on Tour and more..

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Miracle at Tripoli: 103 Dead as Jet Crashes in Libya; Child Survives Crash

103 people were killed when a plane crashed in Libya, while trying to land at Tripoli airport. The Afriqiyah Airways plane was flying from Johannesburg to Tripoli, when it crashed killing the crew and all but one passenger. Amazingly, a child survived the crash with non-life threatening injuries. We think Jean de La Bruyère said it best - out of difficulties grow miracles.

Lousiana Environmental Action Networ: Elevated chemical levels Detected in Gulf Coast


Surprise, surprise. The Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) has released findings that there are elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide in the Gulf Coast due to the BP oil spill. What does that mean? Water that smells like rotten eggs and can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Thanks for the update, but Ray Charles could see these findings coming from the grave.

A Cautionary Tale: 3 plead not guilty in deadly home invasion linked to internet ad

In yet another Craigslist debacle, a husband and father of two was killed in his home, in front of his family, after posting an ad on Craigslist to sell a $1,050 ring. Two people showed up pretending to be a couple and then two others burst in with guns and tied up the family. When one of the gunmen started pistol-whipping the 14-year-old son, the father broke free and was shot 3 times trying to defend the child. We guess taking the ring and leaving would have been too much to ask of such predators. Shaking our heads over here at the Root.  

Moral Hazard our Patooties: Let taxpayers cover your mortgage


Cha-ching. Florida, Michigan, California and Arizona are planning to use $1.4 billion the Obama administration is giving them to help the unemployed and underwater avoid foreclosure. Wow, novel concept. The federal and state governments that sat by and allowed consumers to be reamed by mortgage companies will actually help them stay in their homes. Some consumer advocates believe it's the right thing to do, while others argue that letting someone else pay your bills is a moral hazard. Funny, no one was thinking about morals when predatory lending was the status quo. We'll take the money. You take the nearest exit.

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream: Maxwell, Jill Scott gear up for "Summer" tour


Talk about a dynamic duo. The King and Queen of so-called "Neo-Soul," which is really soul music, will head out on tour this summer. Maxwell and Jill Scott will have the cops knockin' as they rock out on a much-anticipated tour. Wouldn't it be lovely if these two actually performed together during the tour? Hey, there's Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack, Ashford and Simpson, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, Peaches and Herb, Dennis Edward and Siedah Garrett and Jay-Z and Beyonce. Why not Jill and Maxwell? If this happens, we want our 10%. 

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