New York Governor David Paterson Beats Possible Witness Tampering Rap

New York Gov. David Paterson will not face charges for witness tampering, though a top aide, David Johnson, could still face prosecution for domestic violence. New York Gov. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo asked retired Judge Judith Kaye to examine Paterson's role in the assault case. Judge Kaye said that the Democratic governor's actions did not constitute witness tampering. On October 31, Johnson and his then-girlfriend Sherr-una Booker had a domestic incident. Paterson called Booker and endorsed a press statement that said the incident was not violent. Booker later dropped domestic violence charges against Johnson. Talk about dodging a bullet. Perhaps the governor should stay out of grown folks' business. Is that Prince we hear playing in the background? Truly scandalous.


—Nsenga K. Burton


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