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New York Giants defensive tackle A.J. Francis called out the Transportation Security Administration on Twitter Monday morning for allegedly searching his mother’s cremated remains and spilling them in his checked luggage.


“Next time you assholes feel the need to go thru mother’s ashes for no reason, make sure you close it back so her remains aren’t spilled on all my clothes,” Francis tweeted. “The least you pieces of garbage can do is your fucking job.”

The tweet included a photo of ashes scattered all over Francis’ clothes with a TSA “notice of baggage inspection” note.


Within hours, TSA responded to Francis on Twitter and offered their “apologies and condolences.”

“We’re very sorry to hear about this. We understand the emotional stress travelers are under when transporting the remains of a loved one,” wrote TSA. Adding that according to TSA policy, “under no circumstances should the container be opened.” (As the Washington Post points out, this policy is also clearly stated on their website.)


Francis wasn’t impressed with TSA’s condolences, however, responding to TSA’s Twitter account thusly:

“Under all circumstances fuck yourself.”


According to the Post, Francis posted on his social media accounts that his mother passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago.

Later Monday, Francis made clear that he didn’t care if TSA searched his mother’s ashes—“they were just being cautious & I can understand that,” he tweeted, adding, “But to not ensure that it won’t spill back into my bag after you put it back in is the most asinine & irresponsible shit I have ever seen.”


A TSA spokeswoman, meanwhile, told the Post Monday afternoon that Francis hadn’t spoken directly to them yet.

“If Mr. Francis provides us with his flight information, videotape review can help determine what condition the contents of the checked bag were in while it was in TSA’s possession,” the spokeswoman told the paper.


It’s unclear which airport Francis was flying from when his luggage was inspected and his mother’s ashes spilled, but the former Washington football player recently traveled to Arkansas to celebrate his mom’s life, and spent some time in California.


Francis declined via Twitter to speak to media about the incident.

“This is all very raw still,” wrote Francis.

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