New Study and Anyone With a Brain: White People More Likely to Get Raises

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A new study analyzing millions of data points about demographics, salary and employment characteristics uncovered a positively stunning revelation that every black person in America already knew: White people are far more likely than people of color to get the raises they ask for.


PayScale, a software company that specializes in employment and salary data, surveyed more than 160,000 employees across the country and used their proprietary “world’s largest database of rich salary profiles” to quantify when and how employees should ask for raises. The numbers revealed significant differences between how people of color are compensated versus their white counterparts. While Fox News watchers tried to concoct an explanation that didn’t include the word “racism,” black people looked at how much PayScale spent on its expansive polling data and said, “Man, I could’ve told you all of this for $40 and a gift certificate to Arby’s!”

According to both statistical models used by PayScale, women of color were 19 percent less likely to have received a raise than a white man, and men of color were 25 percent less likely. This next sentence should be something about how white women are less likely to receive a raise, thereby validating white feminism and their solidarity with women of color. But after analyzing the millions of data points, PayScale found “weak evidence that white women are also less likely to receive a raise, but these results are not statistically significant.”

In general, white women were as likely to receive a raise when they asked as their white male counterparts. While white women earn less than white men, on average, they still earn more than black men and black women. Maybe that’s why 53 percent of them ... never mind.

Of course, some of this is related to subconscious bias and socioeconomic variances, meaning ... actually, I don’t know what that means. I’m just using all the big words that have become the euphemistic rationale for racism and systematic inequality.

It’s not subconscious bias. It has nothing to do with “lack of resources” or the “education gap.” It is an unavoidable fact that white people are paid more money and are statistically more likely than people of color to get more money whenever they ask.


But there is a way to clearly define these findings. It might sound inflammatory because they have demonized the correct terminology and made America afraid of saying it, but there is only one way to explain this phenomenon:

White supremacy.

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I just wish you had added “mediocre white men” in there somewhere lol. It just seems like its always them that get further faster than they should. I had a coworker (white) that got promoted the same time as I did. Even though he started with the company half a year after me. I guess he worked hard enough to get promoted so fast *side eye*

There was also this one manager “white” that was promoted twice within a year which is almost unheard oh. But I guess it helps being a white male and all the senior level managers are white males also.