Neo-Nazi Convicted of Murder After Jury Sees Video of Boast ‘I’m Doing My Race a Favor’

Gorapapo TV via YouTube screenshot
Gorapapo TV via YouTube screenshot

A North Carolina jury took 90 minutes to deliver a guilty verdict to a white supremacist accused of killing his former boss because he was gay. In April 2015, Kenneth Morgan Stancil III walked into Wayne County Community College’s print shop, where he worked; pointed a shotgun at his boss, Ron Lane; and murdered Lane in cold blood. Police found Stancil the next day, 540 miles away, relaxing on a beach.


After the showing of a 30-minute police video in which Stancil detailed the murder, the now convicted murderer is facing a sentence of life in prison, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Watch” and various news outlets. The trial was highlighted by violent outbursts from the defendant, whose face is covered with Nazi and white supremacist tattoos.

Lane ran the print shop at WCCC and was openly gay. Stancil worked with Lane at the campus shop as part of his work-study program.

“Somehow I’m just attracted to killing and hurting people. I like inflicting pain on others,” Stancil said in the profanity-laced video footage. “I had to work under this person and put up with his stupidity. ... Faggots are fucking morons. I’m doing my world a favor. ... I’m doing my race a favor. This person had to die. He was poison to the country, poison to my people.”

Along with the video, police found Ku Klux Klan paraphernalia and a white-pride flag, along with other items in a gun case owned by Stancil. Stancil also has the number 88—symbolizing “Heil Hitler”—tattooed on his cheek and an iron cross on his neck. To be fair, maybe they don’t do roses with the word “mom” or praying hands at his local tattoo parlor.

Lane’s family say that they have already forgiven Stancil for his crime, and people across the world are wondering why no one kept a close eye on the guy walking around with Nazi symbols on his face.


I mean, damn, even Hitler just had the mustache!

Read more at the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

This fucker got hired with these tats?

Because I can’t count the number of times I heard idiots claim that Black people need to not get tats and whatnot if we expect to get hired. (As though we’re all tatted up) and then this motherfucker looks like this....