NASCAR Team Unveils 'Blue Lives Matter' Themed Car Because White Fragility Had Time This Week

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Here are a few questions: Can anyone name a single county, city or state in America where crimes committed against police officers aren’t treated with the utmost urgency and importance? Is it not true that the penalties for committing crimes against police officers are often higher than they are for the same crimes committed against civilians? Is there ever any hesitance to arrest, prosecute and convict cop killers? Are police accounts on any given incident not often treated as gospel by media and by the courts? Does it not appear that the entire American justice system favors police officers?


I ask these questions because it appears to be lost on the “Blue Lives Matter” crowd that police lives are already treated not just like they matter, but often like they matter more than everyone else’s. That’s why it’s bewildering (or it would be if we weren’t so familiar with the limitlessness of caucasity), that a NASCAR team felt the need to counter the Black Lives Matter movement by unveiling their own “Back the Blue” themed race car.

NPR reports that Xfinity Series driver Kyle Weatherman and his team, Mike Harmon Racing, revealed their car’s new paint scheme as a show of solidarity with police officers–and a thank you for officers’ “service, sacrifice and dedication.”

“RACEDAY here in Miami have something special on the car this weekend,” Weatherman tweeted. “A lot going on in the world right now and I wanted to express that most first responders are good people. My uncle is a firefighter and he would do anything to help save lives.”

Weatherman’s tweet predictably stirred up controversy prompting him to post a separate tweet assuring us that he “absolutely” supports “the black men and women of this country.”


We’re probably expected to believe that Weatherman and his team are just ignorant of the fact that like “All Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter” is a counterstatement made directly in response to “Black Lives Matter” and that an organization can’t possibly support both ideals at the same time. But black people—having spent our whole lives not being Boo Boo the Fool—aren’t likely to buy the idea that Weatherman just didn’t know, considering the fact that the unveiling of his car comes on the heels of NASCAR finally banning confederate flags. And soon after Bubba Wallace, the organization’s only black Cup Series racer, unveiled his own car with a “Black Lives Matter” paint scheme.


Maybe Weatherman really is just ignorant. Maybe he hasn’t been on the internet from 2014 until the moment he tweeted photos of his bootlicker-mobile. Maybe he truly doesn’t get that the difference between the “Blue Lives Matter” campaign and the“Black Lives Matter” campaign is that one is demonstrably unnecessary and the other is “Black Lives Matter.”


Hell, the Supreme Court just “turned away a slew of cases revisiting the controversial legal doctrine that shields law enforcement and government officials from being sued for actions taken in an official capacity,” NBC News reports. Maybe it’s time white people disabuse themselves of the notion that cops aren’t already a protected class.

In conclusion: Fuck that ugly ass car.

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons



Well, they needed something to replace the Confederate flag with, so there it is.