The NASCAR Series flag flies alongside the old Confederate battle flag during the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Primestar 500 race on March 9, 1997, at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Ga. (Darrell Ingham/Allsport/Getty Images)

NASCAR has confirmed its lifelong reign as the No. 1 sport of white supremacists, beating out tiki-torch relay racing, white Twitter-finger thuggin’ and potato-sack hopping on Donald Trump’s nuts.

For that certain brand of white people who love to get wasted on PBR Bud Light and watch cars drive around in a circle really fast for hours, they were all happy to see that all drivers and crew members heeded the NASCAR executives’ reported warning against protesting during the national anthem at Sunday’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race Sunday, according to a report.


“Anybody that don’t stand up for the anthem oughta be out of the country. Period,” Hall of Fame driver Richard Petty said, ESPN reports. “What got ‘em where they’re at? The United States.”

Petty added that anyone who protested during the anthem should be fired.

A sentiment not shared by Andy Murstein, the majority owner of Richard Petty Motorsports.

“I would sit down with them and say it’s the wrong thing to do that, and many people, including myself, view it as an affront to our great country,” Murstein told ESPN. “If there is disenchantment towards the president or a few bad law-enforcement officers, don’t have it cross over to all that is still good and right about our country.”

Racing-team owner Richard Childress told ESPN that anyone on his team who wanted to protest could “get you a ride on a Greyhound bus.”


“Anybody that works for me should respect the country we live in,” Childress added. “So many people gave their lives for it. This is America.”

The greatest white supremacists of them all—President NASCAR von Racist—couldn’t wait to tweet his excitement Monday morning.


Former NFL team coach-turned-NASCAR team owner Joe Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls when the District of Columbia was considered Chocolate City, confirmed his whiteness, noting that “so much has been sacrificed for our country and our flag. It’s a big deal for us to honor America.”


“I’m proud of the way we’ve represented ourselves, and I’m proud of this sport, too,” Gibbs told ESPN. “I think this sport has a certain way they look at things. I really appreciate that.”

I know that not everyone who participates in or enjoys NASCAR is racist, chews tabacky and loves the Confederate flag. I didn’t say that. Just 99 percent of NASCAR fans, drivers and owners are racist, chew tabacky and love small T-shirts with big Confederate flags on them.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. is proof that there is at least one good person in NASCAR. On Monday he tweeted this:


But Earnhardt is the exception, not the rule.

Read more at ESPN.

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