Fresh from our "Momma don't play that" file, WITI-TV is reporting that a parent who only wants to be identified as "Kizzy" turned her children into police after seeing video surveillance of them looting a gas station broadcast on air. Kizzy is one of at least four parents who turned in their children to police after seeing video of teens looting the gas station in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. The teens stormed the gas station and began looting shortly after the lakefront fireworks show ended on Sunday, July 3.

Kizzy saw her 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter on video. She talked to them about it, and initially they denied it. Eventually they admitted it, so she slept on it and decided that they should turn themselves in to the police. Kizzy brought her two children to Police District 5 and turned them in. "I have provided a stable loving home, and it's disappointing to see my children on the television, and I advise any parent, if you're raising you children, to go into the right direction come forward, because it's going to continue to happen. I've seen it with other family members; they get away with it once, they'll do it again."

Kudos to Kizzy and the other parents for making their children take responsibility for their choices. If more parents would do the same, then perhaps they would learn a lesson and refrain from such behavior. Instead, so many "helicopter" parents hover, protecting their children from everything, including consequences for poor behavior, which is why so many children are socially inept and lacking in empathy and integrity. Hopefully more parents will follow in Kizzy's footsteps and make sure that their kids accept responsibility for their actions in the home and outside of it.


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