Mother Demands Answers and Policy Change After Her Son Was Forced to Urinate in Classroom Trash Can

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Photo: An eight-year-old boy was allegedly made to wear trash bags after he was told to urinate in a classroom trashcan. ( (Photo via Sofia Mongol))

Sonia Mongol, mother of an 8-year-old student at Manhattan Place Elementary in Los Angeles, says her son was forced to urinate in a trash can after his teacher refused to let him use the bathroom, urinating on himself in the process, according to NBC12.


A tearful Mongol told local media that she plans to take the matter up with the school board.

“My child did not deserve this,” Mongol said. “No child deserves to be treated this way. We are outraged.”

According to Mongol, her son asked his teacher to use the bathroom and was told he could not go during class. Mongol’s son’s teacher relented after he made it clear he couldn’t wait any longer, offering him use of the trash can at the front of the room. Mongol’s son used the barrel, “exposing himself in front of all the other students,” she said.

After urinating in the trash and inadvertently on himself, Mongol’s son was given trash bags to cover himself. Mongol was never notified of her son’s ordeal nor was she told that he would have to spend the rest of the day wearing his soiled clothes.

Mongol says her son is now being bullied by other students and that teachers have since denied him use of the bathroom again.

On Thursday, Mongol was joined by retired L.A. teacher Latricia Mitchell at the door of the school office. The door remained closed as Mongol and Mitchell knocked to push for a change in school policy.


“Sometimes we don’t let them use the bathroom because they want to all the time,” Mitchell told KCAL. “[A]fter they ask you twice, you should realize that something is going on.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District issued a statement insisting it “takes all matters concerning the safety and well-being of our students very seriously,” according to CBS Los Angeles


“Upon learning about the allegation,” the statement continues, “law enforcement was notified immediately and the district is fully cooperating in the investigation.”

Mongol, who says her child received no help after he went to the nurse’s office, demanded answers during her press conference.


“Why would you make a child expose himself in front of the classroom and then put a garbage bag over him when he came to you for help?” she asked. “Why would you treat a child that way? He’s a kid.”

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