Front Page: Wanda Sykes Dispenses Topical Humor to Journalists, President

CNN: Have We Overcome Our Race Problems?…Uh…Sure, Why Not?

AA: Ghana on Cusp of Oil Boom; Daniel Day-Lewis Readies for 'There Will Be Blood II'

BET: First Black Supermodel Gets Sued for Something or Other

J&J: HBCUs to Obama: Not Everyone Went to Ivy League Schools (Apparently)

TL: President Obama Voted Funniest Black President Ever

ESPN: Chauncey Billups: The Winner People Don't Like Keeping

NO: Kenyan Women on Sex Strike, Kenya Comes to Complete Halt

LAT: Michael Steele Makes it 100 Days, Claims He Was Merely Rope-a-Doping

DMN: Quiet Giants: Oral History Project Focuses on the Unknown Civil Rights Pioneers


MCA: Zuma Carries on Mandela Legacy with Possibly Cooler Name

BSN: Black America Needs Clear Expectations for Obama; Must Exclude 40 Acres, Mule

GDN: Pres. Obama Makes Funnies, Media in Hearts for at Least One More Day

AJE: Not Wanting to Get Got, Iran Releases American Journalist

BET: Ashanti Gets Dropped from Label; People Cope By Not Caring in the Slightest

NO: BX Man Killed Soon After Receiving College Diploma

RHN: Marion Barry Draws Blank on Leadership; Buzz Struggles to Grasp How this Could Be


BSP: A Race War (the White Guy Will Win)! Nick Cannon v. Eminem

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