Monday's Headlines

SFC: Six Members of Family Die in Murder-Suicide

WP: Surprise, Surprise: Israeli Military Finds No Misconduct in Gaza War

FOX: White House Not Super Into Auto Industry Plan, Says 'Try Again'

NYT: Cholestrol Drug May Cut Risk of Clots; Not a License to Eat More Bacon

DS: Dallas Cop Apologizes to Moats (That Should Just About Square Things Up, Right?)


TS: Why No GM Treatment for Wall Street? 30 to 1, Frank, 30 to 1

BET: CDC Reminds Us Salt Is Not Our Friend

J&J: Blacklisted: Health Insurance Still Not in the Business of Helping People

DB: Obama Screws Up Rotation, Decides to Pass on Legalizing Weed

Bossip: Given the Choice, You Should Take Jail Chris

AFP: Eight Killed In Nursing Home Attack

CNN: GM CEO Resigns ASAP for BHO; Buzz Response TBD

AJE: Never to Late to Get a Shoe: First Khmer Rouge Trial Begins

ESPN: Tiger at Bay Hill Says: Every 4th Quarter, I Like to Mike Jordan 'Em

USAT: Obama Heads Oversees to Tackle Global Economy, Separates Shoulder

BB: In Shocking About-Face, Treasurer Tim-Tim (tm) says Some Banks Need 'Large Amounts' of Assistance


BET: Duffel Bag Boys Rejoice! NY to Reform Rockefeller Drug Laws

DB: Looking to Go 0 for 3 Against the Good Guys, Germany Plans to Oppose Global Stimulus

Politico: Never One to Miss Out on Black Appropriation, Europe Just Giddy Over First Lady's Arrival

BAW: Minor Arrested for Posting Nude Pics; Asks to Stay in Clink When Mom Arrives at Station

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