MSNBC: Tips for Making College Affordable—Step One: Have Money

AJE: Deadly Attack on Iraq Funeral (Yeah, It's Reaaallly Time for Us to Go)

CNN: Tyra Gets Her Robin Givens On, Talks to Oprah of Abuse

WH: Obama Talks Green Jobs *Live*

IS: Indiana Near Top of Black Homicide Rate; Buzz Didn't Know Hoosiers Were That Gully


BBF: New Yorkers Taking Less and Less Of a Shine to Gov. Paterson

Newsday: Paterson Won't Stop MTA Fare Hike, Service Cuts; Wonders Why No One Likes Him


WSJ: Treasurer Tim-Tim's (tm) Op-Ed (We Know You're Psyched)

TRB: A Little Food for Thought Regarding 'Uncle Toms'

HuffPo: If We 'Kill the Rich', Don't We Kill the Dream? Ummm, not according to our calculations…

NYT: 14 Die in Montana Plane Crash

LAT: 4th Oakland Police Officer is Brain-Dead After Shootout

CT: Drug Cartels Upping the Ante, Diversify Portfolio with People Smuggling

USAT: Obama Says Wall St. Was 'Out of Balance', Confirms There Is No Santa

Newsweek: White House To Release Bush-Era Torture Memos; Will Not Be More Popular Than 'Twilight' DVD


FOX: Ga. Lawmakers Fight Over Proposal Honoring Obama; Prez Shakes Head Over Groupie Love

AJE: US Defends 'Toxic' Asset Plan; Will, As Always, Be Looking Out for American People First


BBC: UN to Criticize Israel Over Gaza; Buzz Expects Serious Eyebrow Furrowing, Perhaps Some Stern Gestures

CNN: Wearing Necklace of Garlic, Obama Rebukes Cheney's '60 Minutes' Insight

ESPN: Big East Pwns Every Other Conference with Five Teams in Sweet 16

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