Mother of victim in widely circulated rape video speaks out.
MSNBC screenshot

The mother of a 16-year-old girl Houston girl, who was reportedly shown being raped in a widely circulated video, spoke Friday to MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow in an effort to help her daughter counter rape culture in social media.

“It’s been happening to so many ladies around the world,” Sukiedia, whose last name was not revealed, said in the interview. “And the fact that her body was shown on live television, she wanted to make a difference so that other young ladies can come forth and say what’s actually going on.”

Sukiedia, who appeared on MSNBC with family spokesman Quannell X, told Farrow that she “couldn’t believe” that it was her child in the video. “It was disgusting.” 

Quannell X said that supporters of the perpetrators continue to mock the girl via social media and that she’s not the perpetrators’ only victim. They also claim that a Houston-area artist has created a rap song about the #jadapose hashtag, which is part of a trend where social media users pose bottomless and passed out like the victim.

Jada, 16, of Houston, came forward to Houston’s KHOU TV about the episode, which began with an invitation to a house party. A friend knew the person throwing the party, so Jada decided to attend. But she told KHOU that she was given a drink that knocked her out. And that is when the rape allegedly took place.


“I had no control,” Jada said. "I didn’t tell anyone to take my clothes off and do what they did to me.”

The teen told the news station that she didn’t know what happened until photos started popping up on social media, photos that included images of her fully clothed on a bed passed out and then lying naked on the floor, still passed out. 

Young people have been sharing the photos and belittling Jada for what happened that night. Meanwhile, Houston police are investigating her claims.


Her mother told MSNBC that she cried and immediately filed a police report. She said there was nothing she could say to her daughter.

“All I could do was just hold her,” Sukiedia said.

When Jada decided to speak publicly,  Sukiedia asked her whether she was certain she wanted to do it.


“She said, ‘I’m already out there. I want to show my face. I want people to know. I want them behind bars.’ ”

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