Missing Ivy League Student Found Safe; Rented Apartment in Brooklyn, NY: Report

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Nayla Kidd, the 19-year-old Columbia University sophomore who'd been missing since May 5, was found Monday after she reactivated her bank card with her new address.


According to the New York Daily News, Kidd had changed her cellphone and bank account numbers and pulled down her Facebook page before disappearing earlier this month.

Kidd, a Louisville, Ky., native, was last seen on Columbia’s campus in Manhattan's Morningside Heights neighborhood after she left a dorm party. She missed finals, which were later the day of her disappearance. Her distraught mother, La Creis Kidd, called her disappearance unusual because Nayla Kidd had been strict about her studies and was attending the Ivy League school on a full scholarship. 

"This is not Nayla," La Creis Kidd told CBS New York Friday as she handed out fliers with other family members near the Ivy League school in New York City.

"She prides herself on doing her very best in school," her mother, a professor at the University of Louisville, told the news station. "For her to be missing right now is very heart-wrenching."

A police source told the Daily News that academic pressure is what led the School of Engineering and Applied Science student to disappear.

"Basically, she just wanted to get away from it all," the police source told the Daily News. "She rented a place in [New York City's] Brooklyn [borough]. She didn't want to be at school anymore."


The source added that Kidd was found after she reactivated her bank card using her new Brooklyn address. Kidd and her mother were reunited Monday.

“We all know that many of you have questions about Nayla's disappearance," a statement on a Facebook page dedicated to finding Kidd indicated. "But, we ask that everyone to please respect Nayla and her family's privacy."


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