Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Officially Hops Into Basket of Deplorables

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The “Blue Lives Matter” advocate who called Black Lives Matter a hate group and oversees a correctional facility where both inmates and babies have died under his watch—all while perpetrating the grossest, must disgusting offense a black man can ever commit: wearing a cowboy hat—announced Wednesday that he is taking his talents to the Trump administration.


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced on Vicki McKenna’s WISN radio show that he accepted a position as assistant secretary of homeland security.

“I’m both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position by Secretary [John] Kelly—working for the Trump administration,” Clarke said. “It will be in, specifically, the Office of Partnership and Programs, with several branches within there.”

Clarke skyrocketed to fame as the black dude Fox News calls whenever it wants to denigrate a black person who is killed by the police. While it would be wrong to call him a self-hating, shucking-and-jiving sellout—so we won’t—Clarke believes that he is a living testament that white people are no longer racist but that young black males have “no care whatsoever for their fellow man.

Aside from his endorsement deal with Just for Men, he is known for his incendiary comments about Black Lives Matter. In July 2016, Clark stated that he wished “the Southern Poverty Law Center would add them [Black Lives Matter] to the list of hate groups in America … this hateful ideology of Black Lives Matter.”

Clarke wrote in his lie-filled memoir (no, we’re not going to link to it):

Black Lives Matter does not care about black lives. They care about their own radical ideology of terrorism: anarchy.


Along with calling Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin “co-conspirators in their own demise,” Clark famously tweeted:


Clarke worries about the mythical police deaths caused by Black Lives Matter, but he apparently isn’t as concerned by the ones he has caused as sheriff of Milwaukee County. At least four people (including an infant) have died in the jail that Clarke oversees. On May 1, a jury recommended charges against four workers at the facility in the death of Terrill Thomas, a mentally ill inmate who died after Clarke’s employees denied him water for seven days.


I’m sure the good people of Milwaukee, who gave him a 31 percent approval rating in February, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are breathing a sigh of relief. The rest of us? Not so much.



‘all while perpetrating the grossest, must disgusting offense a black man can ever commit: wearing a cowboy hat’

beg pardon?