Dominique Heaggan-Brown
Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

The Milwaukee Police Department has fired the officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith, following an investigation into an unrelated sexual assault case, Time reports.

Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown was terminated, effective Monday, after a Milwaukee Police Department Internal Affairs investigation into a criminal complaint filed against the officer.


Last week, a man reported to Milwaukee police that "he had been sexually assaulted by Heaggan-Brown while off-duty."

“The investigation found Heaggan-Brown to be in violation of the Milwaukee Police Code of Conduct, Core Value- Integrity that states 'Department members shall obey local ordinances and state and federal laws, whether on or off-duty' and 'Whether on or off duty, department members shall not behave in such a way that a reasonable person would expect that discredit could be brought upon the department, or that it would create the appearance of impropriety or corruptive behavior,’” Milwaukee police said in a statement.


The assault allegedly occurred just two days after Heaggan-Brown fatally shot Sylville Smith.

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