I know what you’re thinking: “30 games seems like a lot.” But if you read the entire statement from the NBA, they continued to say, “Following his arrest and plea, Mr. Bridges did not sign an NBA contract for the 2022-2023 season, missing all 82 games. In recognition of that outcome, the NBA has deemed 20 games of the suspension to have been already served. If Mr. Bridges signs an NBA contract, he will be required to miss the first 10 games for which he is otherwise eligible and able to play.”


So if Bridges signs to a team this summer, in actuality, he’ll only be suspended 10 games instead of the 30 that’s being reported. I’m not an expert on NBA suspensions, but less than 15 percent of the season does not feel like enough. Why has the NBA determined that he already served 20 games?! He wasn’t signed to a team. There was nothing for him to be suspended from.

The NBA has given Bridges a huge break that he does not deserve. Above all else, the NBA gave a disappointing answer to how they value women. To them, it only seems to be 10 games.