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Although I am an adventurous person who enjoys life, I have compiled a running list of things I have permanently banned myself from doing. Included in the things I have no interest in trying are:

  • Crack cocaine
  • Going to a Taylor Swift concert
  • This disrespectful-to-the-ancestors macaroni and cheese recipe.
  • Altocalciphilia trampling: The sexual fetish where a woman wearing stilettos steps on a man’s penis.
  • News Editor Monique Judge, because she constantly warns me: “Don’t try me, try Jesus.”
  • Fucking with Iron Mike Tyson.

But according to Complex and Hot New Hip Hop, a brave soldier by the name of Wack 100 (which is also what I call Billboard’s Country Music Charts after they banned Lil Nas X) recently decided that he needed a personal relationship with the Lord, and instead of fasting and praying, decided to meet Jesus in person by fighting Mike Tyson.


Wack 100, who is known for managing rappers The Game and Blueface, recently recorded an episode of Mike Tyson’s podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson. The podcast’s format features the former heavyweight champion of the world smoking weed with people who apparently stupidly doubt that Tyson is still nice with his hands (which is something I would have taken Tyson’s words for without a demonstration).

During the interview, the subject reportedly meandered to the topic of another immortal, hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur. In January, Wack 100 (whose name—it must be pointed out—could be misconstrued as very specific masturbation instructions) shared a picture of Tupac and Digital Underground star Money B, insinuating that Pac was gay.

Tyson apparently found these accusations “ridiculouth” and a melee ensued. Wack 100 insists he got the first punch in but subsequently reported that Iron Mike is not very rusty, explaining that “shit got warm in the room when Mike wanted to address the #2Pacconversations.”


“This interview got a little crazy and hostile” explained Wack 100, whose name might be the worst radio station call letters ever. “Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands !”

Afterward, Tyson posted a picture of him and Shakur aimed at the gangster manager, whose name also describes the Democratic presidential field of candidates. The IG photo was captioned with Mike’s infamous quote: “Everybody has a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth,” which is definitely not true in my case. 99.5 percent of my life’s plan consists of not getting punched in the mouth (The other .5 percent involves bleeding, a bag of ice and wondering what the fuck just happened).


Meanwhile, Wack 100 took to his Instagram account to dispel any rumors that he got his ass kicked with a video where he complained about his head hurting and having to take pain medication (No, it was not a prescription for 100 milligrams of wackness.)


The podcast episode has not aired yet, but a fan was kind enough to do a reenactment of the situation.


Wack 100 has not indicated if the beef will continue, if he and Tyson has squashed it or if he will do 99 more stupid things as a way of fulfilling the legacy of his name.

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