Chase Vazquez, Miles Rodriguez and Scooter Terrien
TMJ Screenshot 

Take out a tissue and prepare yourself for some Friday feels, because humanity just found some new superheroes.

Three members on the team noticed what was happening and immediately took action. They walked off in the middle of the game and demanded that the bullies stop before they continued, ESPN reports.


“So when I heard they were talking about her, it kind of made me mad,” Miles Rodriguez told news station TMJ.

“It’s not fair when other people get treated wrong, because we’re all the same,” Scooter Terrien added. 

“The kids in the audience were picking on D, so we all stood up for her,” Chase Vazquez said.


Miles, Scooter and Chase have since become close friends with Desiree, who now never walks to class alone. The gymnasium where Desiree was bullied is being called “D’s House” as a tribute to the young girl. The athletic director plans to construct a banner making the name official, according to TMJ.

Desiree said that the name change made her feel “good” and said her family called it “great, kind, awesome and amazing.”

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