Michelle Obama Talks to Oprah, Confirms She Won't Run for Office

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
First lady Michelle Obama sits with Oprah Winfrey in her final one-on-one interview from the White House, aired Dec. 19, 2016, on CBS.
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It seems like no matter how much we pray, beg and pray some more, Michelle Obama won't be running for office. Any office.

During what was billed as her last interview as first lady, Michelle Obama confirmed to Oprah Winfrey what her husband has already stated thousands of times: She doesn't want a career in politics.


The president's better half told Oprah during an hourlong interview, which aired Monday on CBS, that she has no political aspirations.

She also noted that as a voter, this past election was tough to swallow.

"This past election was challenging for me as a citizen to watch and experience," the first lady said. "It was painful."

However, despite her personal feelings, and most of ours, too, she added that she and President Barack Obama are supporting President-elect Donald Trump and his transition into the White House because "it is important for the health of this nation that we support the commander in chief."

She added that although many on the right didn't support her husband's tenure as president, supporting the president-elect "is what's best for the country."


I also know what is best for the country, and that's a Michelle Obama presidency. Just think about it, Mrs. Obama. We still have hope.

And, according to your interview answer below, if we don't have hope, then what do we have?

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