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In a blog entry at BlackAmericaWeb, author Michael H. Cottman says that Michelle Obama has earned a second term as first lady because she has served as an awesome role model for children and adults alike through her healthy-eating campaign.

First Lady Michelle Obama hits the road this week for a three-day nationwide tour to promote the second anniversary of her "Let’s Move!" initiative to eradicate childhood obesity, which disproportionally effects African-American children.

For the first lady, her healthy eating crusade is good for the nation — and it’s also good politics for her husband, President Barack Obama, who is gearing up for a grueling 10-month re-election campaign.

Obama, a formidable woman who has been criticized by conservatives for her efforts, is forging ahead with an ambitious plan to change the eating habits for a generation of children.

"I am proud that you guys are starting community gardens, that you're eating your fruits and vegetables," Obama told an enthusiastic crowd in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday. "I'm proud that you guys are walking to school instead of taking the bus. I'm proud that you’re working hard to get that 60 minutes of activity a day, every day. I'm also proud of your government, and businesses … and community leaders across the state who are all coming together to help you guys get healthy, to keep moving."

This is the first lady's signature initiative, and she's making a noticeable difference in children's lives from coast to coast. Since launching "Let's Move!" on Feb. 9, 2010, the White House says significant progress has been made to solve the problem of childhood obesity.

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