Does noting her style diminish her role?

New Yorker Magazne's new cover depicts the First Lady walking the runway, and some are crying foul, saying focusing on her fashion diminshes her role. Me? I don't know that it gets at her in any substantive way, but substance never seems to be the point of writing about the Obamas lately.

Although some will see it, I don't see any racism here, but like alot of what I'm reading about President Obama's hair and what not, it's frivolous. I  can't recall a first couple being scrutinized so hard or with such malice, about anything. Or, as in this case, nothing.

I didn't see any racism in the New Yorker's last infamous Obama cover, and I don't see any here. What do you think? Do yuou like it, or is there some subtext to it that should cause alarm?

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