Shock Jock Michael Savage

Savage Nation shock jock Michael Savage may think autistic children are bratty or that the Koran is a "book of hate", but there's at least 8 million Americans who tune in everyday to show allegiance or passive outrage.  However, the U.K. thinks Savage is abominable.  In fact, Mister Savage Nation has recently been prohibited from entering the country.  Michael Savage aka Michael Alan Weiner may advocate for alternative medicine while wishing AIDS on an on-air listener, he won't have an opportunity to snap photos of Big Ben or peruse the National Gallery anytime soon.  The U.K. doesn't condone extremism, hate, or unapologetic commentary.  Savage joins the list with former Klansmen Stephen Donald Black and Jewish militant Mike Guvosky.  I have a few more names to add to that list, but I'll keep my mouth shut.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.