Michael B. Hancock: Denver Elects a New Mayor

Denver Mayor-elect Michael B. Hancock (Google)
Denver Mayor-elect Michael B. Hancock (Google)

The New York Times is reporting that Michael B. Hancock has been elected mayor of Denver. Hancock, who was raised by a single mother, grew up in abject poverty with nine siblings. Despite his tough life, Hancock didn't hide from it; instead, he championed it in his message for the city, likening his life experience to that of the city, which became "the heart of his campaign."


Kirk Johnson reports, "We've come from difficult situations, we've faced serious challenges, but yet we're still here," said Hancock, 41, in an interview talking about his seven surviving siblings. All of them, he said, got involved as volunteers on his behalf, as did their mother, Scharlyne Hancock, 72, who made calls to voters for weeks.

Hancock, who served two terms as Denver City Council president and was the youngest CEO of an Urban League chapter in the country, pulled together a winning coalition that was largely made of Hispanic, black and middle-class white voters. Hancock also offered that race was not an issue in the campaign, despite attack ads from his opponent, former state Sen. Chris Romer. Hancock survived Romer, the early favorite, who is also the son of a three-time governor, to win the election.


Can you say, "Winning" in your best Charlie Sheen voice? Not bad for a man who who was homeless after his parent's divorce. If Mayor-elect Hancock runs the city of Denver the way he ran his campaign and his life, then the city will definitely prosper.

Read more at the New York Times.

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