#MeToo: Cardi B Opens Up About the Time a Photographer Exposed His Genitals During a Shoot

How Did Cardi B Handle Her #Metoo Incident? / WE tv (YouTube)

“I never told this story before”⁠—six words every journalist loves to hear. Exclusive tea!


Known as “the voice of hip hop radio,” Angie Martinez has a way of pulling off intimate conversations with some of hip-hop’s greatest artists. Now, the veteran radio personality is taking the exclusive chats from the studio and onto the couch, making the environment even more relaxing and comfortable on WEtv’s Untold Stories of Hip Hop.

From the new show’s press release:

From iconic rap verses to historic artist beefs, Untold Stories of Hip Hop puts the stories behind the moments front and center. Each of the six hour-long episodes of this fresh and fast-paced series shines a new light on hip hop’s most influential artists with unforgettable revelations directly from the stars themselves. As a pioneer and one of the most respected legends in hip hop journalism, Host and Executive Producer Angie Martinez has those who are notorious for being guarded, open up to her in ways they have never done before.

In one standout clip from the series, Cardi B opened up to Martinez about a traumatic incident during a magazine photoshoot.

Trigger Warning: The following contains an explicit account of alleged workplace sexual harassment.

“I’ll never forget when I went to shoot for this magazine, and the photographer was trying to get close to me,” Cardi B recalled in an exclusive interview with Martinez. “Like ‘yeah, you want to get in this magazine?’ and he pulled his dick out. I was so fucking mad.”

After Martinez asked how she handled such a disturbing situation, Cardi confirmed she grabbed her things and left. Cardi claims she told the magazine owner about the incident and he responded nonchalantly.


“When I see the #MeToo Movement, there’s girls from the hood… I know they went through the same type of treatment,” Cardi added. “Niggas make you feel like you got to do a certain type of thing for the most bullshit shit.”


The series premiere will jump off with a Snoop Dogg interview and the rest of the debut season will feature chats with Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, MC Lyte, Ice T, Ja Rule, A$AP Rocky, Nelly, Trina and more! I’m intrigued.


Untold Stories of Hip Hop premieres tonight (Sept. 26) at 10:00pm ET/PT on WE tv. The series trailer is below:

Untold Stories of Hip Hop Official Trailer / WE tv (YouTube)

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