Medal of Honor Recipient's Family Snubbed by White House

Medal of Honor recipient Vernon Baker

Fresh from the "What could you possibly have been thinking?" file, the White House turned away the family of Medal of Honor winner Vernon Baker. One day after the World War II hero was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, his widow, Heidy, and 10-year-old grandson were turned away from the White House. The boy was wearing shorts and a T-shirt bearing his grandfather's image. They were denied entry because casual dress is prohibited in the West Wing, although the White House Web site does not list a dress code. We are all for decorum but suggest that if the dress code is that important, then the White House should have notified the family before the visit, which was scheduled in advance. If the 2005 Northwestern women's championship lacrosse team can visit the White House wearing flip-flops, then surely the 10-year-old grandson of Vernon Baker can be admitted too. Shaking our heads over here at The Root.

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