Mayor Resigns for His Facebook Comments About Alabama Football's Black Lives Matter Video

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I’m honestly starting to think Facebook won’t crack down on racists because they’re the company’s target demographic. Seriously, how many stories have you read about a mayor/police officer/random white guy who works at the post office losing his job because of something racist posted on Facebook? Mark Chambers, a mayor of a small town in Alabama, has added himself to this storied list.


ABC News reports that Chambers submitted his resignation as the mayor of Carbon Hill, Ala. because of comments he posted on a video the University of Alabama released in support of Black Lives Matter. Chambers posted on Saturday that he is selling his photos of head coach Nick Saban and the Alabama football team because of their “sorry” politics. “The tide is done in my opinion,” Chambers said in his post. The video in question had Saban and the team reading an essay by the team’s offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood and at one point said “All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter.”

This is not the first time Chambers has said some wild shit. He took to Facebook last year to decry “baby killers” and “socialists.” He also posted: “Homosexuals lecture us on morals” and “transvestites lecture us on human biology. The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out.” he added.

Goddamn son, who hurt you?

At first, Chambers denied that he made the comments before eventually apologizing. His comments resulted in the resignation of two city council members, who didn’t want to be associated with him. The city council has yet to approve Chamber’s resignation and will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss its next steps.

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Wait, so is he resigning because he was outed as a racist shit-head, or because he dared to insult Nick Saban, AKA Alabama’s Football Jesus.

Should be the former, but probably is the latter.