Mayor Cory Booker Re-elected in Newark


Cory Booker was re-elected Mayor of Twitter…uh, mayor of Newark, N.J., on Tuesday.

NEWARK — Newark Mayor Cory Booker easily won a second term Tuesday night, but with a tighter margin of victory than in 2006, and with only seven of his nine council candidates winning re-election, according to incomplete election results.

Booker received 59 percent of the vote, beating out three challengers — Clifford Minor, Yvonne Garrett Moore and Mirna L. White. Minor, a subdued former prosecutor and municipal judge, received just 35 percent of the vote.

Just before 10 p.m., Booker declared victory and addressed a packed room at the Robert Treat Hotel. While his staff has delivered positive change, he said there is much more work to be done


"We know we have difficult days ahead, but if I want to be in the trenches with any group of people in the United States of America, I want to be in the trenches fighting with my fellow residents of the city of Newark," Booker said.


In 2006 Booker won 72 percent of the vote, replacing Sharpe James.

What he Tweeted to over one million Twitter followers after last night's election is below.

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