Maybe It's Prayer or Hot Tea, but Mariah Carey Is Sounding Better Than She Has in Years

Mariah Carey performing Jan. 12, 2016, in Hollywood, Calif.
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Qatar Airways
Mariah Carey performing Jan. 12, 2016, in Hollywood, Calif.
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Qatar Airways

Toward the end of 2014, vicious and very hateful people worked quickly to spread isolated, unedited vocals of a Mariah Carey holiday performance that was not her best (to say the least).


We know Mariah loves herself some Christmas, but unfortunately, when she performed “All I Want for Christmas Is You” during a Rockefeller Center Christmas-tree-lighting special on NBC, she sounded as if she had gargled with a lump of coal (no shade). Many folks took absolute glee in this spectacle.

In one post about the performance, a writer wrote: “Remember when Mariah Carey could sing? Most millennials probably can’t.”

This is from a millennial: Let the record show that this is an absolute damn lie. Has Mariah’s once pristine and flawless voice shown signs of decline with time and possibly pinot grigio? I would never lie and deny this, dahling. Even if I am a proud member of her Lambily family, I can acknowledge that there have been moments when one could say that Mimi sang as if she couldn’t fulfill the terms of her agreement with Ursula the Sea Witch and, thus, was being punished.

However, if there is one constant about Mariah Carey, it is that her vocal talent is enduring and ready to rebound. This would include Mariah during The Emancipation of Mimi era, in which she let many doubters know back then that she was not washed up. This would also include right about now.

I’m not sure what Mariah has been doing—vocal rest, a new contract with Ursula, lots of prayer and tea—but she’s sounded lovely for most of the year. There are countless videos posted on YouTube from her recent Sweet Sweet Fantasy international tour. Maybe Mariah doesn’t sound like the MTV Unplugged special, but she is singing as strongly as she has in several years.

Mariah herself has also been posting video clips from her Las Vegas residency, Mariah #1 to Infinity, at Caesar’s Palace.

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Jun 12, 2016 at 2:23am PDT

One assumes that Mariah, goddess of melody, knows that some of your rude asses have been talking reckless about her—resulting in her posting said clips to shut y’all up.


Mariah is better than me, though. If it were up to me, her entire Instagram and Snapchat feeds would be nothing more than clips of her hitting the dolphin notes and slaying with her vocal register.

I’d even post captions like the following:

Where your ass was at, dog, when n—gas wasn't seeing it for Mimi?

Where your ass was at, dog, when bitches that no longer needed me?

Where your ass was at, dog, when Mimi’s tonsils started back popping off?

Where your ass was at, dog, when ya made me pull these high notes back out?

Then again, this is the woman who once said, “Ain’t gon’ feed ya, I’mma let ya starve.” That works for her, but let me just say that if anyone could talk smack about Mimi when she wasn’t singing at her best, I hope you’re now giving her her just due for rebounding. If not, you’re ash and the rest of us are lotion.


I will see you in Las Vegas in September, Mariah. You had a rough time, and maybe that was because of white wine. Whatever it was, though, girl, you no longer sing those bridges as if you’re drowning in troubled water, and I celebrate you.

Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him on Twitter.