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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is an asshole.

That’s it. That’s the story.

Seriously, Gaetz is a such an asshole that other assholes who aren’t as good as he is at being an asshole consider him #assholegoals.


Rep. Matt Gaetz is such an asshole that he wore a gas mask on the House floor and people legitimately didn’t know whether or not he was trolling the reports of coronavirus madness or if he was legitimately trying to be a fucking asshole!

Gaetz, of course, came out to say he was not being an asshole as he was serious about being on the House floor wearing a gas mask!

Look at this asshole:


“Made light?!?! I was quite serious,” the Florida Republican tweeted Sunday in response to the Washington Post headline that figured Gaetz was being his normal asshole self. “The threat to Congress is real, as I explained based on travel and habits like selfies and handshakes.”

Maybe Gaetz knew something we didn’t and maybe he was trying to protect everyone else from the coronavirus germs he may’ve had, considering he shook the hand of a CPAC attendee who later tested positive for the virus.


“Congressman Gaetz was informed today that he came into contact with a CPAC attendee 11 days ago who tested positive for COVID-19,” a tweet from Gaetz’s account read, USA Today reports.

Gaetz later took a limo with President Trump and then a plane, which isn’t normal considering Gaetz is a low-level congressman in a state that could easily just be wiped off the map and no one would care. But Gaetz is an asshole and therefore he likes to surround himself with other assholes.


USA Today notes that Gaetz pulled his gas mask stunt on Wednesday, the day that the House voted to approve $8.3 billion to combat the illness.

What really pushed Gaetz from trolling the virus, which many Republicans believe is a hoax set up to damage President Trump’s reelection efforts, to sympathizing figure was two days after he wore a fucking gas mask like an asshole, “a man in his 70s who resided in Gaetz’s district died after contracting the virus,” the USA Today reports.


Gaetz also announced Monday that he would be self-quarantining, which is probably best for America. In fact, Gaetz should continue to self-quarantine for the remainder of his term, not run for reelection or any public office and just retire wherever it is that assholes go to retire.

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