Marshawn Lynch Tried to Light A Blunt Off Al Davis’ Eternal Flame And Proves He’s The Hero We Need

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, right, lights a ceremonial torch for former team owner Al Davis before an NFL football game between the Raiders and the Denver Broncos in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Dec. 24, 2018.
Photo: D. Ross Cameron (AP Images)

There is a rumor that once while getting ready for an unusually brisk day in Oakland, Calif., a young Marshawn Lynch found a “fuck” in his jacket pocket. Confused, young Marshawn promptly tossed the fuck into the cool Oakland air and according to everyone who witnessed that historic moment, it was the last fuck Marshawn Lynch had to give.

On Christmas Eve, Lynch was tasked with lighting the Al Davis torch for what might be the final game at Oakland Coliseum. The lighting of the torch was blasé as history has been kind to the memory of Davis, but it’s what possibly happened next that has added to the growing legend of Lynch and has turned him into the true hero that America needs.


According to photographic moments captured of the event and The Root’s official blunt roller, although he’d call himself a cigar expeller and finesser of fine cananbis, Michael Harriot, it appears that Lynch attempted to light a blunt on the magical wafts of wind touched fire that is Davis’ memorial.

Because the NFL reads The Root we must note that we can’t officially say that Lynch was, in fact, holding a blunt but Harriot notes that the oblong shape, the protruding middle, and the need to light it as proof that it is a gutted cigar, most likely a Backwoods circa 2018, most likely packaged in early October to late November.

Witness the moment for yourself and behold a carefree black man in his natural habitat.


The feeling was best summed up by this Twitter user who noted:

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