The Breakup Playlist

by DJ Stylus, Washington, D.C.

Hi-Tek feat. Dion & Talib Kweli - "Let It Go"

Main Source - "Looking At The Front Door"

Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint - "Holding On"

Vinx - "Tomorrow"

The Stylistics - "One Night Affair"

The Exchange Bureau - "The End of Me & You"

Up Hygh - "Get Out My Face"

New Edition - "You're Not My Kind Of Girl"

Black Spade - "Evil Love"

Jill Scott - "Slowly Surely"

Stevie Wonder - "Rocket Love"

The Foreign Exchange - "Valediction"

Marvin Gaye - "You Can Leave But It's Going To Cost You"

Jiva - "The Goodbye Song"

Michael Jackson - "She's Out Of My Life"

Rhome Anderson (DJ Stylus) is a web developer, writer and DJ from Washington, D.C. Follow him on Twitter.

Please, Baby (Stay With Me), Baby (Come Back to Me), Baby (Let Me Love You), Please

by DJ Anonymous, Washington, D.C.


Blackstreet—“Dont Leave Me

Lyfe Jennings—“Let's Stay Together

Faith Evans—“I'll Never Let You Go

Aaliyah—“I Don’t Wanna Be

Usher—“Can You Help Me” -

R. Kelly—“I Can't Sleep Baby

Anthony Hamilton—“Charlene

Whitney Houston—“I Will Always Love You

Mariah Carey—“Always Be my Baby

Jaheim—“Put That Woman First

Avant—“Read Ya Mind

Destiny's Child—“Cater 2 U

Mario—“Let me Love You

Keri Hilson—“Slow Dance


Hakeem Harmon (DJ Anonymous) is a DJ in Washington, D.C. Follow him on Twitter.