Louisiana Deputy Fired, Arrested, for Reportedly Forcing Mother to Perform Oral Sex on Infant Son

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A 42-year-old Louisiana sheriff’s deputy, Shaderick Jones, allegedly forced a 26-year-old mother Iyeseha Todd to perform oral sex on her infant son while he recorded it, claiming the depraved act was his “fantasy.”

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Jones has worked in uniform patrol in Iberville Parish since 2015. Now fired, he has been charged with principle to first-degree rape and possession of child pornography, according to the New York Daily News.

Video footage was sent to a woman via Facebook, who immediately showed it to police.


The video was recorded after 4:30 p.m. Thursday after Jones drove to Todd’s house to serve a warrant for a traffic ticket while he was off duty. Todd has cooperated with investigators, telling them she was scared to go to jail when Jones coerced her into molesting her child.

Todd was charged with first-degree rape and incest, according to the Advocate.

“In my 16 years as Chief of Police, I have never seen anything so disgusting and sickening in my life,” St. Gabriel, La., Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said during a press conference.


The infant was placed in the care of Child Protective Services after the incident and is now with his grandmother, according to authorities. The father arrived to pick the child up but was barred from leaving with the child because he did not have a car seat.

Jones knew police had begun looking into the video and called out of work Friday with a family emergency. He was arrested at 11 p.m. and his employment was terminated immediately.


“For someone to have that type of fantasy, he’s a sick individual. He needs help,” Ambeau said, adding that he has reached out to the Baton Rouge Office of Homeland Security to see about possible federal charges against both Jones and Todd.

“I have 30 years of experience,” Ambeau said. “This is at the top of the list for the worst case. I have never witnessed something so disgusting, it’s sickening to your stomach to see.”

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