Louisiana Bus Driver Loses Job Over Racist George Floyd Comment to Black Student Struggling to Breathe Through His Mask

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In today’s episode of White People Who Fucked Around and Subsequently Found Out, a Louisiana woman went from being a school bus driver to joining the United Wypipo Federation of You Bout to Lose Your Job all because she couldn’t keep her insensitive George Floyd comments in the drafts of her caucasity-filled mind and instead said them to a Black student.


4WWL reports that earlier this month, the now-former St. Bernard Parish School bus driver scolded sixth-grader Rashad Gabriel for wearing his face mask improperly, and after Rashad explained to her that he was out of breath after running to catch the bus, she said to him—I shit you not—“Since George Floyd, that’s what you all say, but I don’t see a knee on your neck.”

Look, I get it: A lot of white people are salty that so many Americans care that a Black man they would have clutched their purses and pearls at was murdered by a police officer, and they often can’t wait for opportunities to say what they think in public. Hell, I’m sure they’re even further into their back-the-blue-ass feelings now that Dereck Chauvin has been found guilty of the murder. But some of these people really need to learn to wait until they get to their swastika sewing circles to launch into their Klan-ish white nonsense instead of subjecting Black people—and particularly Black children—to it.

Rashad told his mother, Rose Gabriel, about the bus driver’s comments after she noticed something was wrong with him after school and she questioned him about it.

From 4WWL:

Gabriel said she was taken aback.

“I’m like, ‘Are you sure she said that?’ He said, ‘Yeah, all the kids on the bus heard it.’ ”

Not only did other kids hear the George Floyd comment, but it was recorded on the bus’s onboard camera.

Gabriel choked up recalling her struggle to address her son bewilderment: “I just started crying. Because she….excuse me. Don’t make him feel inferior. He’s not inferior to nothing. He’s equal to any of those students on that bus.”

Rashad is black. The bus driver is white.

“I get chills right now. It hurt me. It hurt me,” Gabriel said.

After driving her son to school the following Monday to avoid the driver, Gabriel reported the driver’s comment. The driver admitted what she said and the matter quickly reached the desk of longtime School Superintendent Doris Voitier.

Voitier took swift action. The employee is now out of a job.

“She no longer works for our school system,” Voitier told 4WWL over the phone. “I can’t defend that. I don’t condone that. What she said is offensive and inappropriate. It was racially insensitive. And we took appropriate action.”

Volter wasn’t able to say whether the unidentified driver was fired or she resigned, but it doesn’t really matter; the fact is, she would still be driving a bus today if she had the good sense to tie her favorite noose around her lips and keep her KKKaren comments to herself.

Or whatever—let people like her keep putting their bigotry before their paychecks. Let them keep fucking around and finding out how easily their racism can be met with swift consequences.

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kidelo (i have a tiktok)

This is why it’s so important for your kids to know that they can trust you to have their back. This child was able to get his mother involved to right a wrong.

In fact, all of these parents that have gone to bat for the aggressions, micro-and-maximum, their kids have to suffer at the hands of racist teachers and school staff have my deep and abiding admiration for doing right by their child.

It’s not enough for you to say you teach your kids what’s right and wrong. You have to show them what to do when the wrong things happen. That all adults do not deserve respect and obedience. That questioning what feels wrong is absolutely OK.

We can’t get lazy. Raising informed and supported children will create informed and supporting adults.

Keep up the good work, moms and dads!