Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan in Baghdad July 2002

Politics can make strange bedfellows, with Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan finding a commonality in Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Trump “is the only member who has stood in front of the Jewish community and said, ‘I don’t want your money,’” Farrakhan said during a weekend sermon, Politico reports. “Any time a man can say to those who control the politics of America, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t control me. And they can’t afford to give up control of the presidents of the United States.”


Farrakhan made it clear that his admiration for Trump wasn’t an endorsement.

“Not that I’m for Mr. Trump,” he added, Politico reports. “But I like what I’m looking at.”

According to Politico, Trump told a group of Jewish Republicans in December, “You’re not going to support me even though I’ll be the best guy for Israel.”


“I’m a negotiator like you folks,” Trump added. “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals? … Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken.”

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