Looking Back at Huey Newton on Gay Rights


Looking back at Huey Newton on gay rights: "Whatever your personal opinions and your insecurities about homosexuality and the various liberation movements among homosexuals and women (and I speak of the homosexuals and women as oppressed groups), we should try to unite with them in a revolutionary fashion." That's just a snippet from a 1970 speech given by the co-founder of the Black Panther Party. Read the rest at Davey D's Hip Hop Corner.

For some, same-sex marriage is personal: Helene Cooper and Jeremy W. Peters point out that many who who once considered homosexuality amoral said that they were surprised to discover how quickly their perceptions changed once they were forced to put a face to something they had considered only in an abstract sense.


Agency honors first black federal officer killed in line of duty: Henderson Foote was honored 128 years after his death as part of National Police Week.

Allen West says Obama may lose black vote: Someone who never quite had it himself weighs in.

Fired National Review writer asks for donations: John Derbyshire has "turned white supremacist pitchman," according to the Atlantic. He's accepting contributions through PayPal.

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