Libyan Plane Crash Kills 96, Dutch Boy Survives


At least 96 people are dead after a plane crash at Tripoli's airport in Libya. The only known survivor at this point is a ten-year-old Dutch boy.

A Libyan plane crashed Wednesday on approach to Tripoli's airport, killing at least 96 people and leaving a field scattered with smoldering debris that included a large chunk of the tail painted with the airline's brightly colored logo. A 10-year-old Dutch boy was the only known survivor.

Afriqiyah Airways said its Airbus A330-200 arriving from Johannesburg, South Africa was carrying 104 people — 93 passengers and 11 crew. Libyan Transport Minister Mohammed Ali Zaidan said rescuers were still searching for the rest of the victims.

The Airbus A330-200 arriving from Johannesburg, South Africa was approaching the airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli when it crashed at around 6 a.m. (0400 GMT, 11 p.m. EDT Tuesday) There was no immediate word on the cause, according to a statement by the airlines posted on its website.

Afriqiyah said flight 771 left Johannesburg at 1 a.m. Wednesday (2300 GMT Tuesday, 8 p.m. EDT Tuesday).

The airlines later issued a second statement saying a search-and-rescue operation at the crash site "has now been completed and casualties have been moved to various hospitals."

It said Tripoli was the flight's final destination.

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