Led Zeppelin Front Man 'Spooked' by Black Music

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant
Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant

Fresh from the "We can't make this up" file, Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant said that "spook music" is one of his favorite genres of music. When did he do this? On a recent appearance on The Today Show. While promoting his new album Band of Joy, Plant opened up about his influences. "[British people] didn't really have the musical knowledge as you guys have [in America]," said Plant. "So we tapped as much American 'spook music' as we could — as much blues — mixed it up, and nobody liked it. But the feeling of freedom was fantastic." Take the needle off the record. The man whose work is clearly an appropriation of black culture doesn't know that "spook music" is a derogatory term for black music? Wow. We won't mention the time period when Led Zeppelin ruled the airwaves. He should appropriate some more black culture and call himself "The Great Pretender," because that is what he appears to be. 


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