Lawsuit Alleges Buffalo Wild Wings Managers Gave the Green Light to Refuse Black Customers

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Perhaps you’ve heard the stories about how black people don’t tip, without deconstructing the reasoning as to why that might be. Or perhaps you’re just one of many racist managers at Buffalo Wild Wings who’ve relied on this stereotype to justify refusing black customers.


Either way, the Kansas City Star reports that a Buffalo Wild Wings in Overland Park, Kan., is overflowing with so much discriminatory behavior that Donald Trump might gift them with a cross to burn in the parking lot.

Managers at an Overland Park Buffalo Wild Wings regularly made derogatory comments about African American customers and allowed employees to refuse them service or give them poor service, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Gerald Gray, said white employees refused to serve black customers because, they said, “blacks don’t give good tips.”

As such, a former employee who escaped the plantation is now suing the company for racial discrimination, ageism, fostering a “racially hostile work environment” and a bunch of other shit after he was fired when he reported the racism and unsafe work conditions he was subjected to in the workplace.

Prior to his firing, Gary Lovelace, a 55-year-old African American, had been a cook for the company for 12 years. But things went left once a new general manager was hired around late 2016.

Lovelace’s lawsuit alleges that he was dismissed as an “angry black man” by an assistant general manager; that he was forced to work in a freezer despite it triggering his asthma; that he was denied raises and promotions; that he was assigned to unfavorable shifts and that his superiors were basically hell-bent on making his life miserable.

Oh, and there’s that whole racism thing.

“Mr. Lovelace became fearful and was often stressed due to the tension he faced on the job during his shifts over the last year of his employment,” the suit said.


Buffalo Wild Wings has yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit.



I’m reminded on that Chapelle bit, where racism occasionally works out for the best. Because all the food there is butt.