Kelly Rowland Takes Us Through Her Iconic Mane Moments

One thing’s for sure: Kelly Rowland’s got lewks.

From her pixie cut of the early 2000s, to her blunt bobs and now her natural ‘fro, Kelly’s hair has always made a statement. It is clear the singer-songwriter has a great sense of pride in her hair—in all of its forms.


So naturally, Rowland is the perfect candidate to be the face of a new and empowering campaign about hair, recently teaming up with Dove to launch the #MyHairMyCrown campaign.

“It’s a great responsibility that Dove and myself have, to bring this message to young girls that makes it fun, that makes it relatable, that makes it authentic,” Rowland told The Root. The singer-songwriter also wrote and produced an empowering new bop, appropriately titled Crown.


“I got the saying from my mother; my mom used to say that your hair is your crown and glory,” said Rowland. The music video starts with an emotive montage of young people who have been bullied because of their hair.

“The ladies that you see that are in the video and talk about their stories, it really happened to them,” Rowland explains. As a black woman who has had natural hair before natural hair was a ‘thing,’ I know the feeling, all too well.

Ahead of the release of her new #MyHairMyCrown campaign, The Root sat down with the gracious queen Kelly Rolland to talk about a few of her most iconic mane moments.

See the entire video above.

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