Kawhi Leonard Looks Like He Cut His Braids Off With a Rusty Spoon

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard was probably born with braids. He’s had them ever since anyone can remember. He had them when they were fashionable, and then he kept them even when they weren’t.

His braids always seemed to be firmly nestled atop a bed of new growth. Like Anthony Davis’ unibrow, Leonard’s commitment to a 1996 hairstyle was weird, but it had kind of become his thing. He had an “old Meek Mill on a South Philly street corner before he got signed” vibe about him.

Young Meek Mill before he got signed, wearing the Leonard braids (YouTube screenshot)

And then, in the offseason, unbeknownst to anyone, the San Antonio Spurs player cut off his unkempt braids. Not a baldie like LeBron, but his signature locks are gone.

In case you have trouble figuring it out, Leonard is the black guy in the white shirt and purple shorts whose hair looks like it’s been cut with a butter knife.


The internet responded to the new do because it has no chill:


Goodbye, Kawhi’s braids. It was a long time coming; may they rest in peace.

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