Kanye West and his son Saint throw out a ceremonial first pitch before the game between the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs on Sept. 23, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.
Photo: David Banks (Getty Images)

As a native Chicagoan (of Kanye’s generation), I’ve admittedly been skeptical about his reunion with his home city—despite my own, within the last two years. Why? Likely because the parts of my life filled with Donald Trump, MAGA, Kardashians, and Kalifornia generally end around 6 p.m. each workday, and often require sage after the fact (no shade, California).

But we all have different paths to lead, and if Kanye’s has led him back to our shared hometown, so much the better—especially if it leads to moments of comfort and closure. He appeared to have both this past weekend at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, as he and 2-year-old son Saint threw out the first pitch for the White Sox. As West later posted on Instagram, it was the same field where he threw out a pitch with his beloved late mother, Donda West, over a decade ago.


Saint, wearing a jersey emblazoned with the number one and “West,” entered on his father’s shoulders as Kanye’s 2007 hit, “Homecoming,” blared across the field. The little one then attempted a throw, followed by kudos from his beaming father, starting the game.

So, how does it feel to watch the MAGA-loving West indulge in a photo op for America’s pastime? Perhaps not as comforting as it might feel to see Kaep give ‘Ye a “come to Jesus,” but the father-son moment was endearing, nonetheless.


We’ll continue to hold out hope for Kanye, but despite all claims of him escaping “the sunken place,” we won’t hold our breath to see if he’s really “coming home.”


That said, if fellow Chicago phenom Chance the Rapper’s daughter Kensli and Saint keep having adorable dance parties like these together, we may be coaxed into resuming peace talks.