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Kanye West Tweets Apology to Taylor Swift

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West's diarrhea of the mouth has now become diarrhea of Twitter. In a series of tweets, West apologized to Taylor Swift again for ruining her moment during what we affectionately call his most recent VMA meltdown. West, who will be in attendance at this year's VMAs (surprise, surprise), tweeted his apology and said that he wrote a song for Taylor. We'll take "Cry Me a River" for $1,000, Alex. It seems the man who just discovered Twitter can't manage to stay off of it, and just in time for this year's VMAs. Can you say, "Publicity stunt?" We used to say, "Is this dude still talking?" Now we'll have to start saying, "Is this dude still tweeting?"



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